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Epoxy Flooring Information And Uses

Epoxy Flooring Information And Uses

What Is Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy flooring refers to floors that have an epoxy covering. This is a plastic covering or film that adds strength to the floor. The material is a thermosetting plastic. What this means is that when it is poured onto a prepared floor surface it will harden into a tough material similar in many ways to concrete. Epoxy also reacts with the chemicals in the flooring already. The reaction with the chemicals helps it to bond with the flooring material.

Where Is Epoxy Flooring Used?

Epoxy flooring is used in a wide array of industrial, commercial and even residential applications. Industrial applications include factory settings, machine workshops and manufacturing plants. A commercial setting where epoxy flooring is often installed includes warehouses, retail stores and automotive body shops. In residential areas epoxy flooring is limited to patios, garages, finished basements and stairways.

What Are The Benefits To Using Epoxy Flooring?

The benefits to using epoxy flooring include a stronger, more durable floor that can resist wear and tear better than a regular concrete, wooden or brick floor. This is why it is used in factories and warehouses. The floor will be less likely to crack, or develop dents if it is fortified with epoxy material.

The same reason why epoxy is used in industrial applications applies to commercial uses such as in retail shops and automotive body shops. Epoxy helps protect your flooring and makes it more stable to work upon. This increases safety when you operate heavy or possibly dangerous machinery.

It is also possible to add plastic chip flakes for texture and anti slip characteristics to epoxy flooring. This helps prevent slips and falls for people, as well as for vehicles with tires such as forklifts that could be operated in machinery. Adding epoxy and flake chips to an outside staircase is a smart idea because it makes the staircase less slippery, smoother and more durable.

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